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Online Exhibitor Manual FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q)  Which is the recommended browser to access the Online Exhibitor Manual?
Q)  It is recommended to use Google Chrome when using the Online Exhibitor Manual. Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox
Q)  may not be as compatible as Google Chrome.

Q)  I have forgotten my login details (username and/or password) – what should I do?

Q)  Send an email to [email protected] with your full company contact information. We will then revert accordingly.

Q)  Can I print out the forms or manual pages of the OEM?
Q)  Yes. For Manuals, there is a “Print” button by at the top of left hand section menu.
Q)  For Forms, the “Print” button is at the top right hand corner, just below the deadline.

Q)  Can I save my form submission as a draft and complete it at a later date?

Q)  Yes. Each form has a “Save Draft” option at the bottom right hand corner. Select that option instead of the “Submit” button.
Q)  Alternatively, you can submit the form first, and re-submit it at a later date, should there be any changes. However, do note
Q)  that re-submissions would have to be completed before the form deadline.

Q)  When I try to submit my form, there is a pop up saying “Please input the required Information”
Q)  Please check that all compulsory fields are completed. The compulsory fields would be indicated with “*required”.
Q)  Should the field be irrelevant to you, please key in “NA” in those compulsory fields before submitting.

Q)  How do I check my form submission status?
Q)  You will receive a confirmation email upon successfully submitting each form. You can also view your form
Q)  submission overview by going to “Form Checklist” under “Forms”, where you will be able to see the individual forms’ status.

Q)  I can’t upload multiple files using the “+Select Files” button. Only one file is detected.
Q)  Each “+Select Files” button is only able to receive a single file. There is a “+Select File” button for each specific file
Q)  requirement. Should you have multiple files, please merge them into a single document before uploading.

Q)  There isn’t a “+Select Files” button for me to upload my completed form.
Q)  These forms are for the suppliers. Do send the completed form via email to the respective suppliers according to
Q)  the information provided in the form.