Sea Asia
Professor Christine Loh
  Chief Development Strategist
The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

Christine Loh is the Chief Development Strategist at the Institute for the Environment, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. She was the under-secretary for the environment in the Hong Kong government (2012-17) and worked closely with the maritime sector to develop and implement new laws to reduce air pollution. She also worked with the mainland Chinese authorities to dovetail regulations in the waters of the Pearl River Delta. Prior to her government appointment, she was the CEO of a non-profit public policy think tank. Professor Loh is a lawyer by training and a commodities trader by profession before becoming a legislator in Hong Kong (1992-2000). Loh is a board member of the Global Maritime Forum, CDP Worldwide, as well as the Robert HN Ho Family Foundation, and a member of the BASF Stakeholder Advisory Council. She is a published author of many academic and popular works, and a sought after speaker and moderator.