Sea Asia
Why Exhibit?

Why Asia?

Asia’s shipping sector has come a long way and has gained global recognition as an important maritime crossroads.
If you are in the maritime industry and aim to grow your business, you certainly cannot afford to miss riding on Asia’s wave!

Here are some reasons why you should be bringing and growing your business in Asia.
○   Close to 80,000 ships transit the Malacca Straits, a key global waterway trade
○   Nine of the top 10 container ports by volume are Asian ports
○   More than half of global shipowning is based in Asia
○   China, Japan and South Korea are the world’s top three largest shipbuilding nations,
   taking up slightly over 90% of global market share
○   Singapore commands about 70% share of the world’s jack-up rig building market

Sources: The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, Alphaliner and The Statistics Portal