Sea Asia
Aviation Technology Leads the Marine Survivor Locator Light Revolution
Date: 9 April 2019
Location: Basement 2
Time: 1530 - 1600hrs
Presented by: Lonako Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.
Speaker: Johnny Zhang, Sales Manager, Lonako Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.

As important as most common indicating accessories, SOLAS lifejacket lights had a big revolution a decade ago. Led by LONAKO, the light source is changing from traditional incandescent/halogen to LED. Now, LONAKO is ready to lead another revolution of this important lifesaving products by its self-invented water activated reserve battery. This high performance, environment-friendly reserve battery have innovation patent in the United States, France, and China. It is currently applied on LOANKO Aviation survivor locator light, which has approved by FAA and CAAC. To bring more safety and better lifejacket survivor locator light to the marine industry, LONAKO is ready to apply the battery to the marine lifejacket light and lead this product’s revolution again by this Aviation technology. Hence, the marine lifejacket light can face the increasingly tougher Transport and Environment Regulations, which lithium or alkaline battery may not fit in the coming future.