Sea Asia
Best Stand Awards

Design and dress up your stand for the Best Stand Awards!

The best stand awards are presented to exhibitors who present their flair and creativity in their stand built up.
This is an excellent opportunity to showcase your company's branding, products and ingenuity.

The winners for 2017 are:

○    Best Country Pavilion Award (Regional) - Japan

○    Best Country Pavilion Award (International) - Panama

○    Best Overall Stand Award - Sembcorp Marine Ltd

○    Best Product Demonstration Award- Pyrotek

○    Best Use of Space Award - Inmarsat Global Ltd

○    Best Experiential Award - Alphatron Marine Systems Pte Ltd

○    Best Large Stand (more than 30sqm) - Mwani Qatar - Qatar Ports Management Company

○    Best Small Stand (12-18sqm) - Pio-Ship Design & System Integrate Pte Ltd