Sea Asia
Enhancing Safety on your Engines
Date: 10 April 2019
Location: Basement 2
Time: 1130 - 1200hrs
Presented by: Schaller Automation Pte Ltd
Speaker: Sascha Renye, Director - Asia Pacific, Schaller Automation Pte Ltd

Schaller Automation has been setting the quality benchmark for Oil Mist Detectors (OMD) in the market for over 50 years, and the VISATRON® VN301Plus / VN301PlusEX series Oil Mist Detector takes protection of the engines to the next higher level.

Schaller Automation’s propriety “floating zero” software allows false alarm free operations even under frequent changes in load and RPM by enabling the OMD to adapt to the natural conditions of any engine running normally.

Constructed with robust, non-plastic materials, the Schaller Automation VN301Plus / VN301PlusEX plus series Oil Mist Detector is built to handle the hostile environment in a hot and oily engine room without falling apart under the pressure.

The VN301Plus / VN301PlusEX plus series continues with the Schaller philosophy of low lifecycle costs. In effect, because of the low maintenance required, the VN301Plus / VN301PlusEX series OMDs starts saving customers' money from the moment of installation.