Sea Asia
Remote Vital Signs Monitoring for Better Crew Health
Date: 9 April 2019
Location: Basement 2
Time: 1430 - 1500hrs
Presented by: Aeras Medical Pte Ltd

Tong Ping Hong, Managing Director, Aeras Medical Pte Ltd
Bennet Lee, Chief Technology Officer, Aeras Medical Pte Ltd


Lengthy sea journeys expose the ship's crew to higher risks of illness, stress or aggravation of pre-existing medical conditions. Poor crew health (mental and physical) is a major concern as it correlates to human errors that cause up to 80% of marine incidents.

Aeras Medical has developed a remote health monitoring solution, which collects/stores crews' medical information, as well as provides early warning on potential health conditions. Aeras Medical also offers video consultation with a network of healthcare professionals, who can offer necessary advice. This ensures an improved monitoring and management of the crews' health while on board the ship.