Sea Asia
Date: 10 April 2019
Location: Basement 2
Time: 1600 - 1630hrs
Presented by: SCHOTTEL GmbH
Speaker: Tobias Oser, Global Sales Manager, SCHOTTEL GmbH


Across the globe, an increasing demand for fuel efficiency and reduced emissions can be recognized, especially for operations close to urban or environmentally protected areas. To meet this demand, tug operators can use hybrid or diesel-electric-powered vessels with either batteries or combustion engines with exhaust gas treatment systems. However, only around two percent of azimuth-thruster-powered tugs delivered between 2009 and 2019 use hybrid or full diesel-electric propulsion systems. One reason for this is the higher capital expenditure (CAPEX) and complexity of these systems.

SCHOTTEL is proud to introduce a mechanical propulsion system that enables the operator to drive two thrusters with one combustion engine. The system is less complex and requires less capital expenditure, while also offering nearly the same major benefits as a hybrid system – namely, reduced fuel consumption, emissions reduction, increased MTBO of the main engines and FiFi without using a separate FiFi pump engine or controllable pitch propellers.