Sea Asia
Vesselink-200: Competitive Cost–Performance Solution on Maritime Location Tracking & Satellite Communication Onboard and at Sea
Date: 9 April 2019
Location: Basement 2
Time: 1130 - 1200hrs
Presented by: Vesselink Technology Limited
Speaker: Susie Jia, Global Marketing Manager, Vesselink Technology Limited

The Ship Satellite Tracking & Communication System developed by Vesselink Technology Co., Ltd provides the comprehensive solution via Internet of Things (IoT) to guarantee reliable connection from the vessel to onshore operations.

Key Features:

  • Ship location tracking, data transmission with more reliability, instantaneity and full transparency
  • Global coverage of satellite communications from on-board to onshore,  powered by Iridium satellite constellation
  • Ship operation management, dynamic ship status monitoring, real-time route analysis, route planning, and historical route review. Structured reporting component on mobile application, simplify on-board reporting procedures and ease onshore administrative workload

Applicable Case Studies:

  • Marine Transport& Logistics, vessel location tracking and monitoring
  • Commercial ship management, enhancing operational efficiencies with two-way satellite communication, anytime and anywhere
  • Fishing industry, exploring resourceful ocean areas using technology and fishery statistics
  • Government/research institutes, big data analysis for safety, energy efficiency and environment improvement

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