Sea Asia Academy is designed to provide professional development and dedicated learning opportunities for maritime industry stakeholders. The Academy is in partnership with leading industry professionals, top-notch consulting firms, and industry bodies to provide continuous education and training in the Maritime sector especially tailored for the critical areas with a solution-oriented course outline. The courses are designed for 1 hour of intensive yet informational content
and free to attend.  

Course Topics and Outline

The course will focus on both technical and management elements of the changing roles and responsibilities of marine superintendents against the backdrop of environmental regulations, digitalisation, coupled with new ship designs, maintenance, repair, operational requirements, procurement and HSSE.

Assessing the operational, bunkering procedures, new safety standards, risks and compliance against different alternative fuels and blended fuels. Understanding the carbon-free propulsion technology and its decision and design support for future bunker fuel options for different segments of ships.

The solution-driven session will cover the underlying alternative dispute resolution remedies in the event that charterparty, bunker, trade and other disputes arise. Maritime arbitration is one resolution mechanism that disputants can seek to manage financial and legal risks.

Hosted by Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration (SCMA)

The course will focus on the changing roles of ports logistics planning - remedies to avoid delays, efficient loading and discharging, and avoid significant financial implications due to laytime and demurrage.

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